How to create your Affiliate account

Get passive income with the Tune Up Fitness Affiliate Program by helping your community learn about the products you believe in.

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Welcome To The Tune Up Fitness Affiliate Program

Here's the perfect opportunity to make extra money by helping others improve their health by using Tune Up Fitness Products.

The Benefits of Being An Affiliate Partner for Tune Up FitnessĀ® Products:

  • Variety of high quality products that almost sell themselves

  • Internationally recognized and respected fitness brands

  • A variety of price points for customers to choose from

  • Subscription products pay you each month, not just on the first sale

  • Our Affiliate Center has a variety of resources to help you easily sell our products

Getting Started With the Affiliate Program

To begin, create your Affiliate account here.

Create your Affiliate account

This above image is the sign up page for our Affiliate program. Please enter a valid email that you check often. It will be used to send you relevant information about your account, conversions, and balance.

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