Should I take this training before or after a full 200 hour certification program?

Written by Justice
Updated over a week ago

Prospective Yoga teachers find that they are much more prepared to teach Yoga Tune Up® if they are currently a certified Yoga teacher, or proficient at another format, be it Pilates, Nia, dance, or other fitness modalities. The training is geared towards teachers and fitness professionals, but there are always some advanced/longtime students ready to take the plunge into teaching in these trainings. A 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course is not a pre-requisite nor is being a Yoga Teacher. We expect all applicants to have a sincere interest in the body, and a long history of some form of physical practice. Finishing the training is not a guarantee that they will be able to teach, as trainees must also perform well during their final evaluation (teaching a class) and a written exam. If you do pass, and get certified as a Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, you may absolutely go out and teach or incorporate this work into your existing teaching format.

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