What are your minimum quantities for wholesale purchases?

Written by Justice
Updated over a week ago

You can find all our wholesaler information on this page. If you are selling online you should also read this page.

We offer four categories for wholesale purchases: Therapy Ball products, Accessories, Physical DVDs, and Kits. They have different minimum order quantities:

• Therapy Ball products start at 24 per product.
• Accessories start at 24 per product.
• Physical DVDs start at 10 per product.
• Kits start at 12 per product.

Keep in mind that every product must meet the minimum order quantity per product, not per order. For example, you can order 24 Original Therapy Balls and qualify for wholesale, but 12 Original and 12 Plus pairs will not qualify (you would need to order 24 Original and 24 Plus).

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