What is the difference between a Roll Model® Practitioner and a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher?

This article helps you understand the differences between a Yoga Tune Up® Teacher and a Roll Model® Practitioner.

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Roll Model Method Practitioners can teach Roll Model Method workshops & classes. Only Yoga Tune Up® Teachers can teach Yoga Tune Up® classes, workshops or Teacher Trainings. Roll Model® Method Trainings are taught and evaluated by Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainers who are also Roll Model® Method Practitioners.

YTU Teachers are able to post a full bio on the YTU website and list their classes & workshops, which are searchable by location. Roll Model® Method Practitioners are listed on the Roll Model Website with a link through to their personal (site if applicable), but classes and workshops are not listed.

Yoga Tune Up® Teachers who are also Roll Model® Method Practitioners will also have a designated Roll Model® Method insignia on their tuneupfitness.com listing. Roll Model® Method Practitioners who are also Yoga Tune Up® Teachers will also have a designated Yoga Tune Up® Teacher insignia on their tuneupfitness.com listing.

The annual license fee for a Yoga Tune Up Teacher is $150.00 and each year there is a Continuing Education requirement. The Roll Model Method annual license and retest fee is $50; this fee is waived for licensed YTU Teachers.

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